SafeFlix is Human Factors video resources that you watch at any time you want.

Here you will find videos about most of the tools and resources within e-HURID. “Introductory videos” will introduce you to a specific resource, whereas “Tutorial Videos” will guide you through its effective usage in concrete scenarios. “Other” videos contain general, useful information about Human Factors.

Safety Eye - Safety Culture Assessment tool

app HumanFactors assessment organization safety safeflix

App to assess the practices and values towards managing risk and safety in an organization.

Critical Incident Technique

HumanFactors incidents analysis safeflix

Method to identify critical components of a job or task and to get insights into incidents.

Levels of Automation (LOAT)

automation level HumanFactors safeflix

Tool to identify the level of automation of a design and verify its suitability.


safety system error analysis HumanFactors safeflix

Technique for the Retrospective and Predictive Analysis of Cognitive Errors

Low fidelity simulations

simulation design systems testing HumanFactors safeflix

Allows a preliminary evaluation of a system under development during its early stages.

Safety Culture Assessment

safety HumanFactors organization safeflix

Practices and values towards managing risks and safety in an organization.

Human Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP)

safety HumanFactors analysis safeflix

What-if? approach, using experts to determine what could go wrong and how to prevent it