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eHURID - Tools for "Human Risk Informed Design Framework"

HURID is a risk-informed framework meant to support Human Factors analysis in design and operations.

Its goal is to provide tools for designers and risk assessors to use daily for addressing gaps in current design and operational processes, as far as the consideration of HF risks is concerned.

HURID will adopt a multi-levelled approach, focusing on specific design, operational or system-wide issues. It will ensure that all the tools and guidance and solutions are linked together, to inform all the phases of design and operations with human risk-based considerations. Thus, whenever real-world examples or data are needed, the Human Assurance Toolkit will be linked with the SHIELD database.

HURID will include guidance and tools to address typical challenges faced by system/operations assessors, and regulators, answering questions as addressed in the following figure

Designers and safety assessors will be able to search HURID resources via different views:

  • type of system
  • type of interface
  • type of action/task
  • type of risk
  • type of change to be implemented
  • level of automation
  • type of action/task

HURID will be designed starting from the analysis of current challenges in system and operations design, defining Use Cases of “how the situation should be” with the contribution of the SAFEMODE end-users.