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A set of five webinars that introduced risk models for both aviation and maritime


WP4 completed today a series of five Webinars that introduced its risk models, both for aviation and maritime. The main objective of these webinars was to get familiar with each of the models, their main parts, and the specific elements included in them, as well as to get an insight into the potential uses of the models.


Below you will find the list of webinars:

  • Runway Collision Risk Model: 4th of March (from 10h to 11h30 CET) – Delivered by M.Llobet (ECTL)
  • Wake vortex in En-Route Risk Model: 10th of March (from 10h to 11h30 CET) – Delivered by M.Ogica (ECTL)
  • Collision Risk Models for maritime: 11th of March (from 11h to 13h CET) – Delivered by E.Akyuz (ITU)
  • Grounding Risk Models for maritime: 22nd or 23rd of March (from 11h to 13h CET) – Delivered by P.Sotiralis & M.Annetis  (NTUA)
  • Taxiway Collision Risk Model: 24th of March (from 10h to 11h30) – Delivered by H.Manso (ECTL)