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SAFEMODE 3rd plenary meeting 16-17 June 2021


SAFEMODE project held virtually its 3rd plenary meeting during the 16th and 17th June 2021. The meeting came after the end of the project's second year earlier at the end of May. 


During the first day we covered topics about the general progress of the work packages: 


  • WP1 Project Management/Project and financial status [DBL]
  • WP3 updates [DBL]
  • WP8 updates [CERTH]
  • WP2 SHIELD Open Data Repository [NLR]
  • WP2 Advanced Text Analytics [UvA]
  • WP4 Risk model development [ECTL]
  • WP4 Incident Analysis-Influence layer [UoS & DBL]
  • WP9 Institutionalization and Capacity Building [WMU]
  • WP5 SEAbrary and eHURID progress [BeeBi]


On the 2nd day the meeting focused on the following case studies: 


  • WP7 Maritime Case Studies [CET]
  • WP7 Maritime Case Studies: Remote-control Ships [WUT]
  • WP7 Maritime Case Studies: Optimise the Investigation process [CalMac]
  • WP7 Maritime Case Studies: Ship collision avoidance system [ITU&CET&UoS]
  • WP6 Aviation Case Studies, Overview of WP6 [HungaroControl]
  • WP6 Aviation Case Studies: Wake vortex [ECTL]
  • WP6 Aviation Case Studies: Drone [HungaroControl]
  • WP6 Aviation Case Studies: Drone [Embraer]
  • WP6 Aviation Case Studies: Interacting with automation in multiple remote towers [NLR]