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Save the date: 7th September 2021, workshop on the risk models.


The SAFEMODE project searching for expert advice!

Save the date: 7th September 2021, workshop on the risk models.

The systematic description of events leading to selected safety-critical incidents has been developed in the SAFEMODE project. The activity has led to the development of a suite of risk models that describe different events and factors addressed by the different individuals during conflict situations. Depending on the response of the individual, the events may escalate to an unwanted collision or unsafe interaction between vessels or aircraft. Through the systematic description and documentation of the processes, the SAFEMODE risk models provide a resource to improve operations, system designs, and training procedures in the maritime and aviation domains.

The SAFEMODE risk models are currently being validated internally by the project partners involved in their development. To ensure these models are appropriate and useful for the SAFEMODE stakeholders, we are seeking input from external experts. We encourage responses from a range of backgrounds including operations, safety, human factors, and equipment design. The first step in this process will be an online survey followed by workshops following up on the collected feedback.

The survey should take no more than 30 minutes which also includes a short video describing the SAFEMODE risk models. Results from the survey and initial results from the risk model application will be provided in a webinar on 7th September 2021.

Please forward this request to those in your network that can contribute to this activity. 


Please email Rithvik Dandu Basappa (rithvik@chalmers.se) to register for the activity. 


All answers are anonymous and cannot be associated to any individual or organisation.